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8 Chic Ways to Hide Your Roots

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Any color chameleon or fan of a hair color, knows that finding ways to hide your roots is the tricky little price you pay for coloring your hair. But the good news is there are options for still looking good even if you’re avoiding that color appointment. We rounded up the best, most chic ways to answer those “how so I hide my roots today” moments.


Shailene Woodley recently nailed her root cover up with a wide, flattering headband. A well-stocked collection of headbands or scarves is a quick-fix, especially if you’re in a hurry. Get creative with scarves or try out the turban look, as illustrated in this tutorial.

Dry Shampoo

We often preach the wonders of dry shampoo, and if you’re one to frequent the colorist’s chair there’s even more reason to pick up this secret weapon. For blondes wanting to hide dark roots, the lightness of the dry shampoo formula can help lighten up the appearance of roots. But even if you’re not blonde, there are ways this product can help out. Less traditional shampooing means slowing down the color fading process, and dry shampoo (check out Indie Hair #comeclean) is a good solution on the off days. But dry shampoo can also help in styling, which brings us to the next point:

Pump up the volume!

Flat, lifeless hair that clings to the head is like hanging a giant “look at my roots!” sign over your head. Make sure to boost volume and lift roots up and away. Many dry shampoos have built-in volumizing properties (Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is one option), while other products like Bain de Terre Rise ‘n Shine Volumizing Foam should do the trick if you’re looking to add volume without the shampoo part.

Work Your Texture

Alongside volumizing the hair, adding texture into the mix a la waves and curls is another way to create visual intrigue that detracts away from the roots. Go for the messy beachy look with a texturizing spray like Wella Ocean Spritz Texture Spray, or let a product like Framesi I.Dentity XS.Twist Curl Enhancer to help you play up natural curl. If you reach for the curling iron, be sure to use a texturizer (consider AG Hair Texture Spray Defining & Finishing Spray) or dry shampoo beforehand to create additional hold and grab a thermal protection spray (AG Hair Argan Firewall has my personal recommendation) to shield against heat damage.

Switch Up Your Part

Let’s face it: straight parts can get a little boring, and they’re also emphasize those pesky roots. Get creative with messy, zig-zagging parts, or go for dramatic super deep looks that flip hair over to one side. Just don’t forget the hairspray! Joico JoiMist Medium Styling & Finishing Spray is perfect for keeping your part in check.

Highlight It

Growing out a particular shade? Don’t want to turn to allover color as a fix? Adding highlights into the mix creates visual intrigue and light-reflecting properties that catch the eye instead of drawing attention to roots. Highlights also help you avoid the dreaded line that you get when getting allover color.

Bang It Up

Cutting bangs is a quick and easy cut alternative if you want to avoid the price tag of a color. The bangs are the first thing eyes are drawn to, making them a chic cover-up for any problems at the root.

Make It Choppy

Like the cut alternatives? Choppy styles with plenty of oomph and texture (think Alexa Chung) are also eye pleasers that keep people looking at your rockin’ style instead of thinking you might have skipped one too many color appointments. Getting a new cut is also a great choice if you’ve decided to take a break from color overall.

It’s okay to skip the stylist’s chair–for a little bit–with these easy hide-your-roots tricks up your styling sleeve.

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