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Quick Holiday Hair You May Want to Try

How many holiday parties do you have coming up this month? This is the time of year when our schedules are full of office parties, dinners and family get-togethers. Make a splash at everyone one of them with great holiday hair. Short on time? Running low on inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Make a grand entrance at each event and social gathering you attend this holiday season. How? These quick holiday hair ideas will take your seasonal style to a whole new level of gorgeous.

Retro Side Waves

There’s something about retro styles when the holiday season arrives. They ooze elegance – making them the perfect addition to any little black dress or holiday inspired outfit. In a rush to get ready? Then retro side waves are the perfect solution. Despite their dramatic and show stopping appearance, retro side waves are quick and easy to create.

Start with clean, dry hair. Using your Healthy Hair Comb HH-C4 from Olivia Garden, create a deep side part. This will give your curls a little Veronica Lake inspired sophistication. From there, you want to start curling. Start on the side with more hair and work your way around. Use a 1” barrel curling iron for the best results and make sure the curls are nice and tight!

Spray your curls with a strong hold hairspray and let them cool completely. This should take 2-3 minutes. Once the curls are cool, take your comb and start to loosen them gently. This step will transform your hairdo from super curly to stunningly wavy in just a few short minutes.

The Voluminous Updo

Volume is a great thing… especially around the holiday season. It can add plenty of flair to your festive look. Combine it with an updo, and your hair will be polished and glamorous. For this style to look tousled and chic, add in a little texture. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair – perfect. If not, use a product like the AG Beach Bomb Tousled Texture and scrunch it through the length.

Separate the front section of your hair and clip it away for the time being. Pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Then grab another hair elastic and wind the ponytail until you create a bold bun shape. Don’t worry about it looking too perfect. You want the updo to be somewhat relaxed and effortless. Now for that extra volume!

Take the section of hair you clipped out of the way. Spray the underside with hairspray (we like the Rusk Being Sexy Hairspray) and tease gently using a comb or teasing brush. Once that section has been completely teased, pull it back loosely, being careful not to lose that voluminous shape. Pin the ends into your bun so they are covered. Finish it all off with hairspray or a shine spray and ta da! A quick holiday hairdo.

Romantic Ponytail

Looking for something glitzy, but super quick to achieve? Then the romantic ponytail is the perfect fit for your holiday season. Begin by separating the front sections of your hair. Pull the rest back into a low ponytail. Then grab your curling iron (a larger barrel curling iron like the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Tools Spring Curling Iron 1.5” works best for this, as it will keep the curls nice and soft, and curl your ponytail midway down. This will give your hair a romantic look – but it won’t be as time intensive as curling all your hair.

Take a small section from each side from the section you left out of the pony and curl completely. Pull the curled section back and pin it to the base of your ponytail. Leave some out, and pin others back until all the front sections of hair have been completely curled. Spritz on some flexible hold hairspray and your romantic style will be ready to wow.

Who says getting ready should be time consuming? You can turn heads all season with these quick holiday hairdos. Waves, curls and volume will give you noticeable style at every party and special event this year.

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